educating sellers

As an owner, you should have a complete understanding of the entire sales process from the initial introduction to your real estate agent to the net proceeds you collect at the closing table. Most sellers are focused on how long it will take to sell and how much equity is in their home. Accurate pricing and marketing are essential to these concerns, however there are numerous steps involved in your sale and each is integral to a smooth and successful transaction.

understanding sellers' needs

To develop a successful strategy to handle your sale, RARE needs to understand your goals. For example:

  • Do you need the equity from your home for your next purchase?
  • Are you relocating out of state or country and need to stay short-term after closing?
  • Have you been transferred and need a quick sale?
  • Are you under water with your coop loan or mortgage?
  • Are you facing foreclosure?

Whatever your situation, RARE will help you achieve the best possible solution to satisfy your needs.


accurate pricing

Before 2006, only sales data for real property was public record. When Governor Pataki signed a new bill into law, information for coop sales from January 2004 became public record. Now more than ever, the analysis and interpretation of sales data is critical to proper pricing.

RARE will conduct a comprehensive walk-through of your home to identify not just the obvious features that make your home unique, but those often overlooked. In addition, RARE will research your building's amenities, finances and requirements regarding a purchase.

Based on this information, RARE compiles reports for comparable recent sales and active listings. Most importantly, RARE includes a detailed spread sheet listing your costs to sell. This information coupled with your individual needs will determine your asking price.

effective marketing

High-quality photos, accurate floor plans, and engaging descriptions are the standard sellers should expect from their real estate agents. Marketing with an expansive reach to potential buyers is essential. When RARE works for you, your listing will reach the widest audience possible. As a member of the Real Estate Board of New York, RARE listings are sent to more than 350 member firms. In addition, our istings appear on several of the most popular listing exchanges and websites, including,,,, and more.


understanding potential buyers

In the internet age, most real estate agents  will list your property on the listing exchanges listed above to attract buyers.

What's different among agents, however, is how the buyer is treated when they walk in the door. Instead of arbitrarily pushing your property to potential buyers, RARE treats them like the individuals they are by actively listening to understand their needs and priorities and working together to identify whether your property is the right fit for them.

By working with buyers instead of selling to them, the overall transaction takes on a friendlier, non-adversarial tone, resulting in a smooth and timely closing.


expert negotiation

Negotiations start with the initial introduction to RARE and do not end until after your sale has closed. RARE never loses site of whom it represents and is committed to meeting its clients' needs which may include negotiations for contract terms in addition to the price. With experience, creativity, tenacity and collaboration, RARE engages everyone in the process resulting in a friendly, win-win transaction.


productive managing

From accepted offer to closing, RARE motivates all parties involved to move in the same direction.

RARE's commitment to you includes:

  • Providing building documents and financial information to buyers, attorneys and lenders.
  • Facilitating the flow of inofrmation between management company and attorneys, lenders, and appraisers.
  • Meeting with the appraiser to provide documentation for pricing and building documents.
  • Preparing or reviewing the board application to ensure it has IMPACT (see Buyers page)
  • Constant follow-up with management company, lender and attorneys to ensure your transaction moves forward to a successful close.

Experience, tenacity, focus, communication, flexibility, creativity and collaboration are all ingredients in RARE's recipe for success.



"It's a no brainer. Why would anyone not have Denice as their broker? She has extensive and intimate knowledge of the building - after all, she does live there. She is very smart, thorough, wonderful to deal with and is very patient in handling a barrage of questions. One could not find a better person to represent you either as a buyer or a seller. Her assistance doesnt stop at closing, either! Don't waste your time shopping around."

-Annette Dorfman, Plymouth Tower Shareholder

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