educating buyers

As a homeowner herself, RARE CEO Denice Rich knows the importance of understanding each step of the process so there are no suprises and expectations are met. Whether it's deciding if a coop or condo is best for you or evaluating a building's finances, RARE agents will educate and guide you, patiently answering all your questions.


understanding buyers' needs

From the moment you meet a RARE agent, you will sense the difference between working with an agent who wants to "sell" you an apartment as opposed to an agent who will consult with you to ensure you achieve your goals. RARE agents will work patiently and tenaciously with you to identify and sort through possible listings that satisfy your needs.

"Whether it takes weeks or years, it's worth the effort to see the joy on a buyer's face when they find their perfect home!"  - RARE CEO Denice Rich

Aside from just scrutinizing the features and details of an apartment, a RARE agent knows which questions to ask when it comes to evaluating a building's financial health and personality.


expert negotiating

Buying a home is often the largest purchase in a person's life, which can make it an emotionally stressful experience. From your initial offer through contract negotiations to your closing and move, a friendly, collaborative approach is integral to a smooth transaction. Generally, everyone wants the same thing, but when conflicts arise RARE agents have the uncanny ability to quell the storm and never lose sight of whom they represent.


preparing board packages with impact

Nobody wants to find their dream apartment and then learn they aren't eligible for board approval. Having hundreds of sales to her credit and experience as a member of the board in her own coop, RARE CEO Denice Rich understands what board members are looking for when reviewing potential buyers.

RARE agents prepare board packages with IMPACT:

  • IMpressive - leaving no doubt you are a desirable addition to the community
  • Professional - neat, easy to read and navigate
  • Accurate - data is complete and up to date
  • Confidential - no outsourcing for preparation or copies
  • Thorough - questions are anticipated and addressed up front


managing your purchase

In today's market - with lenders' strict requirements for loans/mortgages, recent policy changes regarding appraisals, and sophisticated real estate attorneys scrutinizing every aspect of the deal - the transition from end of search to closing has become a challenging and lengthy process.

RARE agents' experience and expertise along with a personable and collaborative style make most transactions seamless and keep deals on track that would likely otherwise crumble.



Dear Denice,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your work finding us this apartment. This was a long haul.

Ever since you met our son Jonathan over two years ago, you never lost faith in him or in us. You made time for me during the summer of 2011 and again during the summer of 2012 when I came with Tami to look for a place. You were always available, generous, on time, and open-hearted to listen to our needs.

We understand that your job is to sell homes, but you gave us more than that; you gave us understanding and care.

We are happy the deal is done and you will finally get compensated for your work!


Tami and Koby

- Tami and Koby Gutterman, buyers

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